Paint & Finish Session

After your sculpture session has ended, your sculptures will be air dried and then fired in a kiln. You will need to come back at a later date to pick them up.

If you would like to paint a finish on the sculpture, register for the Paint & Finish Session. 

A finish that has been applied to a fired clay artwork is known as a “cold finish” as it is applied after the firing. Have you ever seen sculptures identified as “polychrome terracotta”? Polychrome means “many colours” and in reference to a sculpture usually means a painted cold finish. (This is different from glazed terracotta which receives its colour when the artwork is fired in the kiln.)

Have some fun experimenting with different paints and colouring agents to add a cold finish to your fired sculptures. We will have available acrylic paint, oil paint, spray paint, gesso, ink and different waxes and varnishes. Be prepared to experiment!

$25/Saturday, June 22:  1:30 – 3:30 pm

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Paint & Finish Session

Painted Sculptures – Polychrome Terracotta Gallery

Subject to change without notice.