Sculpture Classes

sculpture classes in vancouver by professional sculptor, Geemon Xin Meng, Vancouver Sculpture Studio

Individual instruction in small classes is being offered in July and August, 2018. Please see details below. If you are interested in being notified about classes in the fall, please sign up to our mailing list.

Small Classes | Individual Instruction | Challenging Projects

Classes are open to all levels of experience – from beginner to professional. Everyone is welcome – no previous experience in sculpture is necessary. Classes are structured in the traditional atelier method, where students of all levels work together at their own pace and receive individualized instruction in a supportive atmosphere. Classes are small, typically with 4-5 students, so you will receive extensive feedback and hands-on instruction. This is an unequalled opportunity to study with one of the best instructors in figurative sculpture.

  • Develop a trained eye by sculpting through observation
  • Learn how to accurately translate complex shapes
  • Locate high and low points on a sculptural form
  • Benefit from a small class size and attentive instruction

Introduction to Figurative Sculpture

Classes start at the beginning of every month
$300 per month (1 class per week) includes materials
All levels – beginners welcome

Class times – Choose one:

  • Monday 10 am – 1 pm
  • Wednesday 6:30 – 9:30 pm

This introductory class focuses on facial features. Each week you will model in clay a 4-5 inch facial feature — an eye, nose, mouth and ear — by copying an existing sculpture. You will develop eye training by observing the three-dimensional forms. Emphasis is on developing an understanding of sculpture language, form and plane. You will familiarize yourself with working in clay and using sculpture tools. Students work in ceramic clay so the pieces can be fired in a kiln at a later date.

Continuing Studies in Sculpture

Monday 10 am – 1 pm; or Wednesday 6:30 – 9:30 pm
$300 per month (4 or 5 classes) includes materials
Must have completed the Introduction to Figurative Sculpture course

As sculpture classes are given atelier style, with each student working at his or her own pace, students who have completed the Introduction to Figurative Sculpture course may continue their studies with a variety of projects. Typically students go on to sculpt the following pieces, advancing when they are ready:

  • Small heads (4-5 inches high) copied from a studio sculpture, or sculpted from your own sketches/ideas
  • Torso (about 8 inches high) copied from a sculpture in the studio
  • Skull (2/3 life size) copied from a sculpture in the studio
  • Portrait sculpture (2/3 life size head) copied from a sculpture in the studio
  • Portrait sculpture (2/3 life size head) self portrait or sculpted from your own sketches
  • Small bust (2/3 life size or life size head) copied from a sculpture in the studio
  • Old boot
  • Draped cloth
  • Individual projects

Sculpture & Drawing Classes

As strong drawing skills will aid your development as a sculptor, students are encouraged to keep a sketchbook to record their ideas in. Students may also have drawing classes incorporated into their weekly sculpture session. Part of the session will be spent on drawing and the remaining time on sculpture. Weekly drawing assignments will be given.


Drop-in to a regularly scheduled class:

  • $100/class

Flex-Pass of 5 Classes

A flex-pass valid for 5 classes is $400. The pass will expire 3 months after the first class. This offers flexibility to those students who are unable to commit to a weekly schedule.

Private Instruction

Private classes can be arranged for yourself or a small group. Private classes are ideal if you have a specific project in mind that you would like to receive guidance on from an experienced sculptor.

  • 2-hour minimum first session: $100/hour

Gift Certificates

Gifts Certificates are available for any of our classes.


To book classes or for inquiries, please contact us.

Subject to change without notice.